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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 14, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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are filming so close just inches away from the sheriff's deputies who are taking away. the people that they grabbed from the is added. >>transport van they're putting them so again sheriff's deputies haven't said they're going to arrest protect property and not no way that they need it takes to come get mothers and under the cover of are scared of the people rising up so >>and you're hearing from carol fi spy for a no show the director of oakland a's for this is that 10 out. >>for people it is time to rise up. we're all it is time
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for us to protect mothers, but mom for we will not rest until every on shelter person have just is what it it is and it's that there's the old bp and alameda county sheriffs and how here our children and her mother's. if you're not angry you're not paying attention. this has got to end. they should not be in handcuffs right now are demanding place to shelter their children. this is insane. they deserve all right to live their children deserve a right to thrive. and now we're hearing a lot of rain coming from inside the sheriff truck right now not to end. >>this has got to end. we've got to find her. it's using this is can you talk to she said, she's got a handle something else who's taking dominic walker out of here.
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yorker. >>they are being arrested at all right ok as we can we're going continue looking your live shot there sarah right and for those of a viewers are just joining us here at the top of the 6 o'clock hour we just want to recap what we saw play out. it was about a half hour ago that we saw deputies with the alameda county sheriff's department arrived at this home. and forcibly entered the home they had a barricade or they had a we had a a well they had a device to smash open the door and then calmly will enter that home and let a few people out and as you can see 2 of them were these 2 mothers who were pretty vocal as they were being detained and led to this police transport van again fighting for housing in this homelessness crisis that we're seeing in oakland their mothers with children. they said their children had been previously relocated because they knew that something like this might happen. and so their children are a safe place but that pairs of mothers anywhere being taken away on the field, the ultimately arrested or if
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they're just being detained and will eventually be released. but that's something that we're watching play out as we're seeing a whole group of other supporters there with their cell phones in hand recording live streaming everything that we saw play i knew was going to come to this when they refused the judge's order to get out of that house on friday. >>and they were ready even though they had 5 days they were ready and waiting sort of each day. they had their supporters outside the media was there all waiting to see how this was going to come to a head and this is how it was handled. you know very carefully and slowly with the sheriffs moving in and not handcuffing but using the plastic zip ties to take away and you can see tensions were pretty high there one point with a lot of. >>people yelling and screaming a lot of the supporters there of the mothers. sarah let's come back out to you once again as it looks as though that the 2 women have been put in that transport van and at any moment i suspect that probably take them away. >>yeah we saw 4 people at least being taken out of the house one of them not being dominique walker one of the
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main moms we talked to who's lived in this house for months, she's out here right now with some the director of ace carol feis and kill 5 just spoke the very loudly saying we are moms for housing she saying you know release these moms we're fighting for these moms who are now homeless they've been removed from this house that they took over several months ago and the company owns it wedgewood has tried to help them by giving them an opportunity to go to catholic charities have said we will take your belongings put them wherever you want. but they said we refuse or offer and that five-day order and it's being served right now by the sheriff's deputies and what happens a block down the door they they beat down the door and then they brought me put in a little a drone robot device inside the home to make sure it's a safe situation before they just stormed right in and then they went inside the home and brought out for people i don't
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know or dominic walker's that mean mom there she is right there, but we don't know where she was during all of this, but she showed up now she has not been detained whatsoever. she's walking around very very upset because the people she was living with in this home have been taken into these sheriffs and deputy trucks and right now hold on we're following another situation, they have dozens of police sheriffs office and the sheriff's office deputies all around here they have tactical force they also had crisis negotiators out here. but there wasn't much of a negotiation it looks like they took them out and now they as you can see right now really tactical here. swat truck a lot of people getting very angry about seeing guns like rifles >>there's >>a lot of profanity years and the walkway little bit walk over here. this has been a
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very tense situation a lot of supporters they've been here since yesterday at 06:00am and they're going to be here 66 what they knew the sheriff's office would be here any time so they were ready to and locals go around here see what's going on >>all right it looks like we've got folks crowding around another corner here. sara as we continue to follow the latest woman to come back out to you just want to show our viewers once again what we saw play out about a half hour ago with the door being. broken down and you can see it was just completely. shattered at the door frame and that's when officers were able to at some point later make entry calmly into the house and leave those occupants out one by one. as they're being restrained by zip ties so that's what we saw play out earlier and that's how police made entry now is go back out live to sara shot as again we're watching reaction from a lot of the rally goers that were there in support. outside
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is more nervous or you're saying that there were pretty upset that we had such a large military-style response to the situation this morning and that's what we're seeing a play out here is demonstrators are standing their toe to toe nose to nose with some of the officers. >>we've been at war for yeah, then as i said the moms for housing group, the hundreds of people they said they are fully prepared to be arrested so right now it looks like they're standing face to face toe to toe against these tasha cole sheriff's deputies, the ones that came out of the swat car. i've noticed you know a lot of people here feeling very open there's coming a little physical right now. they're trying to make sure that they stay peaceful the people involved in this they always wanted to be peaceful, but looks like we're at any minute now it could get physical between sheriff's deputies and these protesters who again are willing to get arrested their passion about this issue they're fighting for these moms saying they have a right to housing. this
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man he seems very angry, i'm not sure if he's related to one of the people who have been detained and again we have seen at least 2 to 4 people being detained however it's unclear if those people are being arrested or charged anything it looks like sheriff's deputies are asking them questions like what you want to do with your stuff and where you can go and they said i don't know i don't know where we go with a lot of people just disappointed the sheriff's office for bringing this much. forced out here trying swat teams bringing all the tactical teams and a lot of people very very threatened by the guns, they're saying, but on the other side of the other side of it they have been you know calling protocol putting you know tactical seems all over making sure that you know if does get violent they're prepared the sheriff's office whether this man is very very angry and the
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screaming at the sheriff's office said lot of people saying cannot believe in my town oakland, this would be happening to moms living in a house now again this month took over this house months ago so this is a very developing situation. >>unclear what's happening. what's going to happen from here, but definitely a very tense scene here in oakland right near magnolia street magnolia and 30th and avoid this area if you live in this area. >>it's obviously very upset we're going to we'll take a quick from this coverage come back to here in just a moment. >>all right now it's 6 o 9 we want to get a look for you at the weather and traffic that you're headed into if you're leaving the house for work or school this morning john. >>well we did have some showers last night guys those have since cleared out across the bay area leaving with us with now us some pretty dry still wet roadways though to be encountering as you make your way on into work whether you're at the coast or further inland what we are seeing is definitely some drying skies
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so couple showers out there you do see those on portions of the peninsula crossing the dumbarton bridge writer and union city fremont and then a couple of spots of rainfall all right on the in the hills around mount diablo for those of you in the tri valley up to danville san ramon couple just a light sprinkles this activity just going continue to diminish throughout the course of the morning eventually setting us up for what will be a mostly sunny afternoon just around the corner you do have snowfall in the sierra nevada today, we saw multiple inches of it last night we're going continue to see inches of a pile up today, winter weather advisory still remains in effect up there and as we make our way into the latter part of the week, especially come thursday, we're talking feet of snow up in the sea air and dust winter storm watches which storm warnings likely to be taking effect now this afternoon we look to remain dry tomorrow. we start dry and we're going to see just a couple of sprinkles on into tomorrow afternoon real rainfall doesn't move on in intel, we look at our or our way on early morning hours on
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thursday, this is 03:00am on thursday right here some heavy rainfall descending into the bay this is going to result in semi less than ideal travel conditions as you make your way on into the bay come thursday rather just make your way into work on thursday for your morning commute daytime highs today will rise into the low to mid-fifties temperatures definitely below average for this time of year 56 degrees in elk or burlingame south san francisco at 55 today while further south on the peninsula, foster city, san carlos redwood city bout view each at 56 south bay temperatures mid 50's for you today with the spay temperatures in the mid 50's as well this is a little cooler than yesterday was daytime highs in the north bay not much different a little cooler than seasonal averages and a couple of degrees down from yesterday so we gradually dry out into the afternoon a few morning sprinkle still ahead of us tomorrow showers arrive late in the heaviest of rainfall. we've got will be
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seen likely to be thursday morning as you make your morning commute so plan on that on thursday friday looking at showers dying down maybe a couple of sprinkles picking back up on into saturday, but importantly on sunday for the 49 ers game looks like conditions should be dry with mostly sunny skies. robin all right. thank you john let's check in on traffic pretty busy and crowded out there on our bridges. >>we're checking the richmond sandra fell the traffic here just coming to a crawl leading up to the toll plaza, no problems to worry about but it's busy already at 9 minutes to the north bay for checking the bay bridge traffic 80 west already stacked up be on 8.80 this goes all the way back to the bottom of the maze. so yes it has reached a point but also very quiet so no hot spot for a 10 minutes for the drive over to fremont street a quick peek at the south bay, san jose north 21 at telly accident still working here that's causing a little bit of a backup leading up to the scene so just a little hiccup in your slow down another little pocket up ahead so only 33 minutes from san jose to
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not the leg! you dang woodchucks! >>it's 15 right now and breaking news overnight. there's an investigation right now in san jose into a shooting that happened involving the police in a neighborhood kron four's will tran live on the scene for us this morning with the very latest on what happened well. >>james this is where it and is shots fired on this call the soq let me quickly pull up
6:16 am
a map for you just so you know my current location this is on the 700 block of riley court and the major thoroughfare through here. it's blossom hill road. this is where it ended but this is not where it started it actually started on the freeway when chp officers tried to pull over the suspect in for whatever reason the suspect refused. they went into pursuit mode went right behind the car follow that car for quite some time and ultimately down to the streets of san jose let me quickly pull up some video for you so you know what went down this all happened at around 11 o'clock last night they chased this person for a little while came to this cold the sack try to get the person. >>to comply and give himself or herself up. but that person did not everyone point chp officers felt threatened for their lives and week are still trying to find out why they felt threatened, but we do know that they opened fire on the suspect we do know that no
6:17 am
officers were injured and we are also hearing that the suspect was not injured. the search for quite some time then right around 4 o'clock in the morning, they gave the all clear they left this neighborhood here so we're not sure if they ultimately made an arrest in this particular case, but the fact is the officers are gone, it's been a couple of hours. so that's a good indicator that they are not searching for that person in this particular area which means if you're inside watching me you should be safe to leave your home as this area does not appear to be dangerous anymore will try to hear from the chp this all started in the first place and if that suspect has been
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he'll keep trying to do that and i think we can't let that happen." vo: as president, mike will lower costs, and protect americans with pre-existing conditions. mike: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>welcome back 6.20 here is a look outside this morning, the golden gate bridge here and looking pretty clear we have seen a few lingering sprinkles so far this morning but most of what we're seeing is rainfall activity dying down. now the shower activity and highlighted for you in the south bay right now is mostly to the south southeast and can be expected to move over san jose within the next few minutes about 20 minutes, i'm expecting rainfall for you in the san jose area to be picking up it's definitely some lighter shower activity that is currently sitting over powell fremont dumbarton bridge also looking wet as the showers move overhead other than this though it is
6:21 am
actually pretty calm across the bay, a look at the north bay shows you some mostly clear conditions what we are seeing is maybe a sprinkle or right where the richmond sandra fell bridge. a bridge does reach sandra fell light sprinkles on the peninsula until you reach los altos send out down towards palo alto where you are seeing that moderate shower activity if you're heading over the ultimate into the central valley are also running into some light rain even if you're not currently in rain roadways are wet. and you can see the showers moving here just a minute ago moving a little bit further south now on into the rest of the bay. we're going continue to some areas a light sprinkles through the morning, but overall into the afternoon conditions will dry out pretty nicely. you do see by the time we reach sunset tonight and early morning tomorrow things mostly clear now tomorrow opposed to today actually gradually gets cloudier and cloudier this sets us up for what will be a day on thursday, especially thursday morning right in the midst of
6:22 am
your morning commute. you see this line of showers right here. come thursday morning as you're driving into work. this is what's going to come along with the most wind as well as rain and hail that's going to have an impact for you as you do head on into work. how much rain can we expect here well we could see anywhere from a half an inch to an inch of rainfall by the time we work our way through the day on thursday, so definitely some significant rain to be talking about here just around the corner much more significant than what we just finished saying last night as far as today is concerned well daytime highs rising into the mid to low like yesterday where we had some upper 50's across the bay today a little cooler than that you see those low 50's in san francisco as well as on code pacific coast right here mid-fifties for burlingame in south san francisco today mid-fifties for foster city, san carlos redwood city mountain view down into the south bay where temperatures will also a peak right around seasonal averages, just a couple
6:23 am
degrees cooler some pretty familiar numbers for the east bay you're going to see sunshine this afternoon to help you out. >>making for a comfortable feel to these cool temperatures. north bay temperatures will be in the mid 50's to with lots of sunshine reappearing gradually later on in the day as the showers continue to push out a dry evening tonight in a dry start to the day tomorrow showers return tomorrow night, a leading us into thursday with the heaviest of rainfall. right in the midst of your morning commute thursday morning friday, a couple of showers remaining, but primarily a dry day saturday, a few showers before sunday we do see dry for the 49 ers game in santa clara. robin looking good for folks traveling across the golden gate bridge this morning, here's a live look. >>you see a nice flow of traffic heading into san francisco on the left so right now you're still moving at the limit its roughly 20 minutes that's a good average from novato to the toll plaza, not that like the quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza some the trip into san francisco will be quite crowded, it's backed
6:24 am
up through the bottom of the maze car pooling looks great cash lanes and fast track lanes are all stacked up for a 12 minutes and growing something a little crowded up the inclined to but no problems in downtown san francisco. so pretty quiet so far to the santa cruz mountains we've had so many spinouts northbound 17 near the summit another accident working see that little pocket of slow traffic building up right there is also trouble spot yesterday and roads are slick around the bay area so be cautious for a 36 minutes and growing to make it from santa cruz into los gatos little peek at one oh because we have a crash wrapping up at tully it's going to be slow in pockets, leaving souths analysts say through downtown but the rest of the trip continuing up to the peninsula looks good so almost at 40 minutes and still a good drive time to make it to menlo park a bigot 80 maybe come in from the shore freeway, we have pockets of slow traffic through put all enrichment but overall not bad 23 minutes to make it down to oakland and i'll give you one more than it's getting a little sluggish now rolling south from 2.38
6:25 am
into union city for a 33 minutes for your drive time to to 37 back to you. >>we're live in oakland right now very intense moments just unfolded right here on the kron 4 morning news moms forcibly removed from the home they vacated a couple months ago, we'll tell you more coming up in a live report right here with all the housing for moms crisis supporters. up your sleeve ♪
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>>breaking news out of oakland deputies have broken down the door to a home along magnolia street to evict a group of homeless mothers and this is video of the moment that it happened where police bashed in the door that occurred in the last hour we have that for you live here on the kron 4 morning news and this came after a judge on friday ordered them to get out, but they didn't cover sarah stinson. >>is in oakland and you have been following this face off the whole time until it came to a head this morning right as our cameras were rolling sarah. >>yeah we brought it to all live from the kron 4 morning news very tense moments that we witness right outside of this magnolia street home here in oakland and more and more supporters are showing up saying shame on you shame shame shame that is what they're yelling at the alameda county sheriff's deputies that have responded to this take a look at this video you can
6:29 am
this video that might start for just shot, i would around 5.30 they broke down the door to this home again ron magnolia street and then they sent in this little a robotic drone device inside to make sure is this a situation that is when they abruptly went inside i did talk to one man inside he is an independent filmmaker and he was inside when all this happened and he told me that it was a very tense situation, the moms did nothing but say that they are peacefully just here they're not trying to fight their to moms and as you can see how did that end up the video you can see they are detained handcuff of these plastic zip ties and brought to sheriff's trucks, the suv truck space built like a cage inside and they are put inside want one of the moms are put inside she was screaming and banging on the doors was very tense. one of the other moms who is not detain dominic walker she was
6:30 am
standing outside trying to get to one of the other moms just eagerly trying to get to her you could see on her face she was just in complete disarray just so distraught ah but the sheriff's deputies would not let her get remotely close to the other moms so inside the are taken so everybody's aware there was 2 moms and then an independent filmmaker and a supporters of 4 people were taken out of the house independent filmmaker was not detained in any way, but the supporter was and the 2 moms now. the time when all this went down there's probably about 5 to 10 supporters out here now i would say there's almost 75 it kind of hard to tell, but there are dozens of people out here supporting these moms supporting this whole claim that housing is a right one woman said she her biggest message to people at home is the fact that this company who owns this house the house that these moms took
6:31 am
days they said the biggest promises company wedgwood they own several houses in the area they are from here and they keep some vacant eventually they flip them and sell them for more money and they said you know when people off 4,000 people homeless on the street, this is not ok so that is what these people are fighting for not only just these moms but they say they're fighting for this homeless crisis and they're fighting against this company wedgewood who comes in oakland and buys houses like leaves them bake in the sitting vacant when a couple mom's decided to just take it over there and living in the house for months i mean they even had pg they had water and but then the company found out about it. >>one tip brought them to court and a judge ruled that the moms had no right to be in the house, we'll give them 5 days this was friday and we're going into tuesday right now. and i was told she 5 business days so it's definitely not 5 business days yet and the supporters housing for moms they knew this was going to
6:32 am
happen so they had supporters here 24 hours a day says they even had he lamps outside they're ready to be here all day long but what happened right as we went live at 5.30. sheriff's deputies, dozens of trucks showed up tactical force swat teams and they all came in broke down the door and has already told you at least 3 people have been detained and taken away on clearly been but the independent filmmaker who was inside said no miranda rights were given didn't sound like they were being arrested, but they for sure were detained and taken out of here we've seen a lot of people here talking we earlier heard live from about carol fife she's with oakland a's and she was saying you know this is not okay housing is a right and she was saying these are moms a lot of people i think were this tension has been growing at least with the police here this morning. it's the fact that these these a sheriff's deputies, they have heavy rifles, they have guns and
6:33 am
that really is threatening a lot of people here they feel very threatened and they are saying you know you're you're bringing tactical response to moms who are living in a house, they said shame on you for that so that is what's really driving the passion with people right now so people are still here. and they're still screaming here around screaming everyone's filming their own videos on their phones something we see a lot and sheriff is still inside i did talk to the moms as they were being detained or taken away said what what happened your kids where your kids and the mom said we knew this was going to happen so my kids are in a safe place my kids are safe, but i'm being taken away and i asked the mom are you being arrested, she said yes, i'm being arrested. so that's what the moms had to say as they were being taken away and i did you sheriffs deputy talking to the mom asking are what do you want to seduce your stuff she said you can keep the stuff i don't
6:34 am
care about this stuff and you know going back to this original story what this is all about is wedgwood the company that owns this company they offered to have women these go to catholic charities pay for them to go there and then also pay for their belongings to be taken away from the house, the mom said this is a completely disingenuous offer we refuse or offer and we're staying in the house until the very last minute in supporter said we have your back as long as they're here we are here. now moms have been taken out supporters still here supporters still standing strong here saying you know we support his mom's will have to stand by see what the supporters have to what they're going to do from here on out we are waiting to hear from the sheriff's office, the public information officer is here hopefully he'll talk to us we can get a little bit more information for now live in oakland sarah stinson kron 4 news alright look for that
6:35 am
update. thank you sarah time now 6.34 we want to get a look at weather and traffic to get you going on a tuesday morning and it looks like that rain has moved out but it will yes it well we are seeing rainfall dying down like you mentioned aria but some of her heaviest of rainfall ahead of us still this right now there's some snowfall in northern california as well as right along the sierra nevada in fact the sierra. >>is actually still under a winter weather advisory due to the snowfall that they're seeing also a light area of rainfall right there on the very southern edge of the peninsula as it transitions into the south bay for those of you in mountain view sunnyvale and soon to be san jose rainfall about to be picking up here in a minute or 2 and for those of you in fremont you just sign moderate showers working its way through now heading a little further south towards milpitas at this moment. >>if you are milpitas to expect some of that rainfall heading your direction might be time to get the umbrellas out just for a few moments now making their way into the latter part of the morning you're going to see less and less of this rainfall activity
6:36 am
in fact just more and more clear skies right now we still are holding on to some cloud cover and some sprinkles as you saw on the map temperatures are in the 40's and 50's currently which is actually pretty mild to kick this morning off the warmer than it was yesterday at this time so warmer start to the morning definitely are a near start to the morning but we will see clearing skies later in the day and the slightly cooler afternoon ahead of us daytime highs today in the mid 50's across the day. robin wright it's getting heavier and heavier john no major crashes working right now, but a lot of heavy traffic, especially crossing the bay are bridges the most of them are packed, here's 92. this is a trip across the san mateo bridge you see it moving in slow motion here. >>it starts way back at the minute. it continues along the flat section to the high rise, so 26 minutes and growing over to the bay bridge a full house here the pay gates this back up spills through the bottom of the maze but not so bad on the suspension and we're checking out traffic tracker to look handsome or freeways the numbers are definitely on the rise. but we call this
6:37 am
moderate slowing highway for just under 30 minutes antioch to concord the nimitz almost up to 40 minutes for the southbound trip and that's with nothing in the way and then one oh one 44 minutes and growing leaving san jose with an accident wrapping up at holley james, thank you very much noticeable change on bark there are more police officers. >>riding trains and patrolling the platforms. the department launched a new patrol service after hiring a dozen new officers and you can see them walking from car to car keeping an eye on writers making sure everybody's safe. the new team will focus on the core downtown stations right in between oakland and san francisco. >>we're what we're here to be a president's we're here to make the bar patrons feel comfortable. i think. >>it's definitely something that's necessary think every little bit helps i write hard every day. i probably go 3 >>the new team, a bart officers will work in pairs to increase visibility for writers and for their own safety as well, we'll also
6:38 am
work evenings and weekends. >>time now 6.37 and dangerous side shows have played at least 3 east bay cities over the weekend here is video of one of them this was at an intersection in union city and whipple and mission. and they fireworks and burned a christmas tree there. police are worried about the people at the shows getting hurt. >>it's disrespectful to the neighbors who lived there, you know it's a people this isn't some near some you know country road or it isn't out in some industrial area where there aren't any you know pedestrians us on and so forth is where families live this is where people live and you know we're hoping that. and you know the folks that are doing this take heart and understand that it's dangerous and we don't want that to happen in city. >>it's also a problem in fremont of fremont police say that their officers were tied up for 4 hours because of side shows there and in oakland
6:39 am
where police arrested one person and cited 6 others in total of 6 cars and a side show over the weekend. >>sunday's nfl championship game will be hosting will almost certainly be sold out we know the last one was. but right now there's still a lot of tickets still available on the secondary market if. >>if you can pay if you've got money to take a look one 49 ers this season ticket holder he had 12 tickets. and as the vikings game last week, yes, so the this is what they went for now he it took while to unload him, but he got a pretty penny for it and now he's got tickets to the nfc championship game and he says those are almost already on. >>just going to keep on going up especially now that we know who are going to be playing with the fans of a green bay are going to be looking for a i think it's a as well as 49 ers fans yet. >>yes, so you know those those games are no so tickets to this game are gone that he had any say says that they sold for about 2 grand a piece of
6:40 am
12 because it's too great. a here's a breakdown of some of the other pricing we've been in fight on stub hub, the average ticket price so far right now is to pump about $724 cheapest tickets. 358, but the most expensive. >>that we've seen on the site so far 15,000 that's what somebody is asking for their tickets whether somebody actually pay that another story we'll see i think i was like you know sitting in those good seats danica patrick de is getting for free they all a you're obviously not certain a lot there in the good seats held out all right and as the 49 ers prepare to face off with the packers one restaurant is actually looking back. >>on the team's glory days of redwood city restaurant owner once. >>made a deal with the team back in 1981, he said that if the niners had a really are had a rally at his canyon in restaurant. the team in the staff could all come in and eat for free when they win the owner was surprised when i urge kick off their dynasty by going 13 3 and then winning their first super bowl. >>myself i really didn't have
6:41 am
much to lose and only won 10 in 3 years, so there's a little article here players of another opportunity aires is more free hamburgers from the kenyan but i think they'll get plenty of money now that back in those days of free flu is kind kind of a nice thing preclude anybody as funny that's where is the owner said he loved every minute of feeding the players and the staff after every land and now look at that wall of fame. yeah, right. >>and we're going to get you ready for the temperature of sunday matchup kron 4 got you covered on air online kron on our digital app sunday night fact we're going to be previewing the game with the red gold zone playoff edition starting at 09:00pm and then of course we'll have a full recap after the game with highlights and reaction sunday night at >>well if you're heading out to the game expect dry conditions but between here and there to help the nutley not so much in fact we are seeing just a few light
6:42 am
showers right around san jose and milpitas this morning. the heaviest of rainfall though i've got that near forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area check out the drive on the east shore freeway we're looking at brake lights, 80 west right around ashby that's in berkeley that's your traffic that's heading down to the oakland maze. it's all nothing beats wendy's four for four. choose any of these sandwiches. plus nuggets, fries and a drink for just four bucks. you'll wonder why you ever settled for less. (sighs)
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6:45 am
bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. he wants to invest $1 billion to fight the problem. >>they don't or you don't get addicted to see what governor gavin newsome launched his statewide homelessness tour at a shelter in nevada county monday is making my life better making me a better person actually listening to clients and volunteers at the spirit peer empowerment center in grass valley, the governor acknowledges the homeless issue affects not just urban, but world parts of the state, but we all have to do more and do better state agencies are now working to identify vacant land and buildings that could be used as shelters under the governor's latest executive order. the governor says cities and counties who work most aggressively on the issue and engage with the state will be first in line to get new supportive services it's those that seek our support that asked for our support and are committing. >>to bring allow the state's bridge support to be handed off to them for long-term support which is also a foundational point of what
6:46 am
we're trying to advance the governor has said addressing this issue is going to take effort from the local state and federal level. >>despite the president's tweets attacking the governor and state on this issue. governor newsome says he's encouraged it's on the president's radar i >>and there's a there's a chance that we'll see something i mean i i'm i'm actually interesting the optimistic that they're going to step up to the state is also set to deploy emergency medical tents and fema trailers to areas in need of shelter starting in march. he says later this week hill reveal who is getting them first his tour stops planned in the bay area inland empire central valley and los angeles county in gress meli ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>it's 46 right now and we're taking a look at the weather which is changing all morning long we've been seeing that rain taper off so definitely calming down since last night when we saw showers while we were sleeping, good timing there. now we've got the wet roadways. a few light showers still hanging on but the rest
6:47 am
of the day is actually looking pretty clear a lot of sunshine to reappear this afternoon that's something to look forward to as far as your view across the bay goes a looking a little misty this morning you do have some light sprinkles right along the coastline in our most significant rainfall right now has around the south bay now no advisories for the bay area were still under winter weather advisories in the sierra nevada and ahead of thursday's storm which is going to pile up the snow in feet towards the crest of the sierra winter storm watches will take effect now snowfall on thursday morning will fall as low as 3,000 feet so that's affecting some pretty low elevations into the sierra. >>i would highly recommend against traveling into the sierra on thursday give weekend plans on taco save that for friday afternoon crews will get an advantage on those slick conditions it is also pretty slick up there this morning in the sierra nevada as well as northern california we have light rainfall just a couple of sprinkles around san jose light to moderate showers east
6:48 am
of the city towards alum rock in milpitas and then a couple of sprinkles as i noted right along the coastline on the peninsula and in san francisco snowfall continues through the morning up in the sierra well our conditions in the bay just continue to calm down you will see increasing sunshine later in the day today now tomorrow just the opposite clears to start and then increasingly cloudy through the day on wednesday. eventually into late wednesday night early thursday morning showers begin to drop into the vicinity now this heaviest of rainfall on strongest of winds unfortunately going to be timed right in the midst of your drive to work on thursday morning, us is 06:45am on thursday look at that deeper red and orange right there that's that heavy rainfall they are going to be driving through as you make your way into work on thursday, so we're definitely going to keep you updated very close as we do make our way towards thursday itself. 50's for your daytime highs later today, a calm one today good chance to get outside today and tomorrow ahead of the rainy day on thursday get some stuff done
6:49 am
out of the way so you just have to worry about getting home and hopefully staying dry just around the corner thursday, south bay temperatures in the mid 50's while the east bay also in the mid 50's today, daytime highs a little cooler than yesterday's dropping one to 2 degrees. definitely has that chill to it as you're stepping outside so keep the jacket on hand even as sunshine makes its way back out into the afternoon as i mention tomorrow we stay dry, but not so much and some night no thursday, there's your heaviest of rainfall friday, couple showers lingering but a primarily dried a few showers on saturday and then sunday for the niners game looking nice and dry. robert de nice and slow here at the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza your backup spilling. >>well beyond castro now so it's going to be a pretty sluggish commute. getting to the pay gates, but the bridge itself, i'd say once you're just west of the toll plaza, it's going to be a pretty nice trips else. 12 minutes almost at 7.12 minutes to make it into the north bay we're checking the bay bridge.
6:50 am
there's your crowd if you're about to roll into san francisco, it's fall right cash lanes fast track lanes goes all the way back up through the bottom of them a sort of holding their car pool is of course will save time that paying cash fast tracking. yes, there is a wave, yes, it's pretty crowded up the incline to but overall a decent commute into san francisco for checking in on some south in numbers check out 85, you know that can be rough sometimes where 33 minutes to make it from san jose to mountain view to 80 looks good. it's getting a little crowded, but it's not bad 15 minutes from san jose to cupertino and then to 37 so far trouble free, it's only a 12 minute trip from 80 connecting to one oh one in sunnyvale change it. >>thank you very much, rob and berkeley city leaders are working to make streets safer after a new report says that 14% of their streets account for 93% of pedestrian fatalities and severe injuries. kron four's dan kerman has a closer look. over a 9 year period ending in 2017 there have been 10 fatal collisions involving pedestrians in the city of
6:51 am
berkeley. >>another 457 pedestrians have been severely injured i think that there are a lot of places where the city is not safe for young kids and for older adults with mobility issues and other folks with disabilities to walk around lysa let's careers with walk by berkeley we've had a lot of people. >>coming out and saying that they don't feel safe. parents pushing strollers across the street not able to make it stepping out into the intersection with cars not stopping for them bird for you know 2010 2030 40 seconds before they're evil they're standing in the middle street, not able to process where she is please the city has come up with a series of proposals to reduce pedestrian deaths to 0 by 2020 18 identified and will be recalling her high injury street. so those are the streets. >>that are responsible for the vast majority of the severe injuries in traffic crashes city transportation planners say it turns out most of the problems are happening on a handful of streets like
6:52 am
university shattuck and martin luther king. so they've come up with a set of proposals for traffic improvements, they're reducing pedestrian crossing distances what we call exposure to traffic improving sightlines to pedestrians. so we call that day lighting intersections. >>proving lighting at night a citywide and so did not lead a line that night lighting to make pedestrians more visible and traffic coming to reduce a traffic speeds that could mean making corner curbs bigger taking away parking spots near the corners adding more left her narrows an additional manually operated flashing beacons like this one near the berkeley ball. >>the destrehan advocates say slowing traffic down can go a long way we know that. >>people are able to react faster with a win they're going slower. they're able and we know that pedestrians much more likely to suffer a severe fatal injury with a small increase in speed. >>the city is seeking public input on these proposals and others through january 20th
6:53 am
the city council expected to take up the matter for a vote in june with construction to follow. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>6.52 and words of warning from pg need there are twice. the number of scams targeting utility customers by phone, especially in the north bay pg e's corporate security department has gotten several reports in the past few weeks about scammers asking for money for past do utility bills and they would prefer a cash card this time i thought usually a was a what do they want like a best buy a gift cards right you know that your first clue, the utility says it's not asking you would never ask for personal information or a credit card number over the phone or obviously cash or gift cards that's your first clue, yes, all right, here's a quick check of the big 4 this morning if you really want to lose your money play the right time now right now the dow is off about 8 points. >>28,008 99 it opened up
6:54 am
relatively flat news you can see the really has been a lot of movement this morning. so sort on wall street right now we'll be right back. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin.
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>>good morning. thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news at 7 that breaking news that we're following this morning deputies removing several homeless mothers who are living in a vacant home in oakland we brought this to you live on our air here during our 5 o'clock hour and we want to go out to sarah stinson has been following the story live since. >>friday when a judge ordered those mothers to get out of that home that they don't own an. she is live in oakland with what happened this morning well at least 4 people were inside this magnolia street home when alameda
7:00 am
county sheriff's deputies broke down the door and went in and forcibly to mothers, a supporter housing for mom supporter. >>and then an independent filmmaker was inside as well he was able to recount what happened inside before they even went inside though they sent in this drone type of robot and one month in put that inside to make sure that it was a safe situation inside that nobody was armed he was going to be a dangerous situation for sheriff's deputies and sheriff's deputies went inside and that's when we saw 4 people come out of the house one of the moms we've been hearing from a lot during all this dominique walker she's one of the moms who lives there if she was not inside that i know of when all this went down. she showed up a little bit after and tried to make contact with 2 of the moms that were being sheriff's deputies would not let her get close to those moms there are telling her get back get back and those 2 moms and


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